Monday, March 24, 2008

Ed Kirshner has left the building...

Just leaving the FLOAT Gallery was the amazing work of Peter Boyle and Ed Kirshner.

Included in the display are the compellation plasma jellyfish sculptures by Ed Kirshner and Bernd Weinmayer, a master flame worker from Austria.

Ed Kirshner

Artist statement:
Like Dr. Frankenstein in his lab, I hover over my glass and gas plasma work, spending many hours mixing, balancing and fine-tuning. Still, the plasma light behaves in a way that I can never completely control. I can change or direct its behavior by varying the pressure and mix of gases, or the frequency and the voltage of the power, but I can never fully predict the detailed effects any of my actions will have. Though frustrating at times, this unpredictability is at the very heart of my work. This is the personality, the mystery, the life that I try to create in my sculpture.

San Francisco Bay Area artists can take a class at The Crucible with Ed and Christian Schiess.


Filomena said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing show! Closing night Ed brought a flaming cherry, it was bloody brilliant.

I would love to see more venues showcasing plasm artists, the work is inspiring.