Sunday, November 21, 2010

Support your local plasma artist!!!

Woo hoo, some plasma being made, in fact not only this awesome plasma from Australia, but the Crucible has a new student class... looks like plasma is still hanging in there! Support your local plasma artist!!!


ideaworker said...

here is a link to a couple of plasma sculptures from Texas

contact me for more info

GlassLight said...

Plasma art is alive and well in Lubbock Texas, where plasma sculpture now meets hot glass! I've been making my own neon and plasma sculptures for almost 30 years, with the recent addition of a hot glass shop and two glassblowers. We've turned out three blown glass plasma sculptures recently with a fourth being oven pumped right now. The first three can be seen at the bottom of the page here:

Video of latest piece here:

Contact me at:

Glad to see others out there still doing the plasma thing!

Tony Greer